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MHIP's State Pool

The State Pool utilizes two carriers for the adminstration of the available plans. Your county of residence determines which of these carriers will handle your coverage. If you are enrolling in the MHIP State Pool, please use the search tool below to determine who your carrier is.

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Your administering carrier is:
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City
P.O. Box 419169
Kansas City, Missouri 64141-6169
Customer Service:

To verify that your medical provider is a preferred provider under the MHIP Plan, you need to verify under the provider's name that the provider is in the Preferred Care Blue provider network. This is the only BCBSKC PPO that is utilized by MHIP.
Visit the Provider Directory to confirm your provider.

Your administering carrier is:
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Missouri
1831 Chestnut Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63103-2275
Customer Service
Premium Billing Questions for Current Enrollees:
Anthem Provider Directory

Pharmacy Benefits

Catamaran administers MHIP's pharmacy benefits. To find a Catamaran pharmacy near you, visit

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Apply for MHIP Coverage

Applications accepted until 11-15-13.

It's easy to apply for MHIP coverage. We've put together a simple checklist to help you get all your information in order.

Go to the Apply Now Checklist Page for information and helpful links.

Download the MHIP Application.

Need help with your application?
Call us at 800-821-2231.

Appeals and Grievances

Appeals and Grievances should be filed in accordance with State Pool Certificate of Coverage (page 45).

State Pool Certificate of Coverage