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Carrier Forms

You must file your claim no later than the end of the calendar year after the year in which you received the services or supplies.

  • MHIP claim Form - This form is to be used when filing for any services received from a non-network provider in the MHIP State Pool. This form should be used for both carriers. There is not a separate form available for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (BCBSKC). To file a claim with BCBSKC, mail the completed form to: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, PO Box 419169, Kansas City, MO, 64179-0147.
  • Enrollee Change Form - Anthem BCBS
    Enrollee Change Form - BCBSKC
    - This form is to be used by MHIP members to update contact information, such as a mailing address. It is to also be used when changing your plan choice during the MHIP's annual open enrollment.
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Apply for MHIP Coverage

Applications accepted until 11-15-13.

It's easy to apply for MHIP coverage. We've put together a simple checklist to help you get all your information in order.

Go to the Apply Now Checklist Page for information and helpful links.

Download the MHIP Application.

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Appeals and Grievances

Appeals and Grievances should be filed in accordance with State Pool Certificate of Coverage (page 45).

State Pool Certificate of Coverage